The Hummviewer is a wearable, Hummingbird Feeder mask.

As Seen on Shark Tank!

The HummViewer offers an observational sensory experience to feed and view hummingbirds up close.

It allows for multiple ways to experience hummingbirds so that you can comfortably watch while they perform their aerial acrobatics as they hover in for a drink.

Experience these magnificent creatures yourself through the magic of the HummViewer!


Amazon is currently showcasing our Branded HummViewer listing that has been taken over (called "hijacking") by 3rd party sellers from China. These fraudulent sellers are shipping Amazon buyers nothing at all or a useless counterfeit/knockoff mask that is harmful to feed hummingbirds. They are not authorized HummViewer resellers.

Amazon is allowing sellers from China to sell & ship counterfeits by using our product images and brand name in listings across their marketplaces in the US and Canada. These sellers are illegally profiting $$ from our US Patented invention and years of hard work.

Amazon refuses to remove these overseas sellers. Despite our teams diligent reporting of violations, infringement of our US patent and violating our copyright ownership of HummViewer images & text. Amazon sellers from China have gained full access to our entire listing, images, reviews & product descriptions. They ship directly from China to Amazon buyers ~ who they lure by heavily discounting the price ~ and take weeks to arrive, not days

We recommend only purchasing HummViewer products from our website until Amazon resolves this issue.

This website is the most secure way to purchase authentic HummViewer products sold online.

Due to this inconvenience we are offering 10% OFF HummViewer Kit.

Please use code ~ SHARK10 ~ at checkout on this website.

You can help us by reporting any fraudulent sellers on Amazon you encounter.

*If you have unfortunately bought the counterfeit mask please do not use it to feed hummingbirds. The components are produced from unknown substances that may harm wildlife. We hope you will return it for a full refund and let Amazon know you received a counterfeit from an unauthorized 3rd party seller from China. Amazon returns & buyer feedback will help in our efforts to regain control of our listing.

You can also support our online retail partners: The Birdhouse Chick, My Hummingbird Garden, and For the Wild Birds.

HummViewer is also available at JAX Outdoor Gear & Wild Birds Unlimited in Colorado.

Please contact us with any questions at hello@hummviewer.com.

Your support of our small business mean the world to us!

John & Joan

As Seen On Shark Tank

HummViewer As Seen on Shark Tank  Season 14, episode 8 – December 2, 2022.

Humm along with us on our journey to feed the birds!

Experience our one-of-a-kind hummingbird feeder today!

How To Use

Illustration of a person wearing the Hummviewer

Place Hummviewer on Your Head

Push the knob on the back of the headgear inward and turn to fit to adjust the size. Adjust the top band as needed to find the perfect fit.

Illustration of the flower turbe

Mount the Flower Feeder Tubes

Push in with a twisting motion to secure the stoppers into the holes. The clear tubes can gently be adjusted upward to hold the nectar, if necessary.

Illustration of the nectar bulb

Insert the Nectar Bulb into the Nectar

Slowly squeeze the nectar bulb to fill it with nectar. Fill
the flower feeder tubes with nectar when you’re ready to use the HummViewer.

Illustration of a hummingbird feeding

Experience Hummingbirds

Step outside and start attracting hummingbirds! Remove any existing feeders, which will aid in attracting the birds to your new feeder.

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Hummviewer Was In The News!

Channel 9 news logo

As Seen On 9News Denver

9News Denver featured HummViewer in their 9 of the Most Inspiring NEXT Guests of 2017.

What an honor it was to be included among other amazing Coloradoan’s who have their own unique stories to tell.

Experience our one-of-a-kind hummingbird feeder today!

The HummViewer offers several ways to both feed and observe Hummingbirds.

Smiling person using the Hummviewer mask

Wear It

Experience hummingbird sights and sounds right before your eyes

Hummviewer mask sitting on a porch railing

Set Out

Anywhere your feathered friends like to gather to feed

A hummingbird drinking from a hummviewer flower

Hand Feed

Hold the flower feeders in your hand

Hummviewer mask hanging on an apartment balcony as a feeder

Hang Up

Like a traditional hummingbird feeder