Our Story

About Our Founders


From an early age I have always been fascinated with hummingbirds. My family
spent summers at our cabin in Westcliffe, Colorado, where we had several bird feeders
on the deck that attracted hummingbirds. I was fascinated and amazed by these
colorful, darting, daring, friendly birds and have since developed a lifelong
fascination with learning about different species, their habits and migration
patterns – and how best to attract them!

Joan Creed - Nature Lover


Like John, my appreciation for nature also began in early childhood skiing and
exploring in the Colorado mountains, a place where I would eventually settle
and marry John. Each home we’ve lived in always had hummingbird feeders hanging
outside and I’ve been mesmerized by their fierce behaviors and the way they
connect with humans.



Creed Family cabin purchased in Westcliffe, Colorado. Hummingbirds came with the cabin. Hummingbird fascination began at the age of 12 years old. Continually learning about species, habits and simply how cool they are.

February 2017


John watches a nature documentary which briefly showed a man wearing a motorcycle helmet with a hummingbird feeder hanging out in front of his face. The Wearable Hummingbird Feeder Idea is born.

May 2017


John finishes the first Hummingbird Feeder.

June 2017


We test it at our cabin, IT WORKS! – Hummingbirds fly right up to check it out and within a few minutes they were feeding from the flower!

July 2017


John sends his first ever tweet with a picture of his brother, Dave, wearing the Hummviewer, to Denver’s (NBC) affiliate 9News/NEXT. The station contacts us the next day to set up a date to film a story about our Hummingbird Feeder.

September 2017


With the help of a friend, we file a Provisional Patent, just in time for the news story to air and we begin selling!

December 2017


HummViewer was chosen as “One of the 9 Most Inspiring Stories of 2017” by Denver’s 9News/NBC



After testing dozens of samples from different production partners, we land on the first official HummViewer product.

APRIL 2020


In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we pivot our business model and begin selling just the mask as PPE.



A record month – we achieved our highest sales to-date!



We collaborate with @Hum.Daddy on TikTok - his video wearing the HummViewer gets 3.5M views!



Patent Approved!



We achieve a new high for Monthly Sales for 2021.



HummViewer airs on ABC's Shark Tank!

A hummingbird drinking from a hummviewer flower

Our shared appreciation for hummingbirds inspired us to design a product that would allow us to get a closer look at them. I worked for weeks planning, measuring, drilling, painting and resizing and after completing my first hummingbird feeder mask, took it to the cabin and it worked!

Eventually, one hummingbird stopped long enough to stick her beak in to take a long drink. I could see her forked tongue inside the feeder tube drinking the nectar and could feel the wind created from her wings as the bird made eye contact with me. It was incredible to see this all take place right before my eyes.

It’s our sincere wish to help more people discover the magic of bird watching and experience the happiness these magnificent creatures create in our lives.